British National Party om Islamic Center i Malmö

"Soeren Kern of the Madrid-based Strategic Studies Group said “Fire and emergency workers . . . refuse to enter Malmo’s mostly Muslim Rosengaard district without police escorts.” And sensibly so: When firefighters attempted to extinguish a blaze at the city’s main mosque, local Muslims pelted them with stones.

There is a straightforward reason why this has happened to Malmo, and why it is happening here in Britain, and also in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Italy and the numerous other parts of Europe where the cancerous tentacles of Islam have reached; The European Union has forced on its member states the same approach to their swelling Muslim populations that the Barak team is now trying to browbeat American cities and states into adopting. It is a suicide hypothesis, holding that the only threat to our security is “violent extremism.”

Källa, nyheter från British National Party tisdag 10 april 2012:

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