Breivik pekar ut muslimska friskolor

Anders Behring Breivik pekar i sitt manifest ut muslimska friskolor och koranskolor som en fara:

Sidan 494:

"There are currently more than 300 exclusively Muslim schools in Western Europe which teach loyalty to the Ummah, not the national constitution."

Sidan 591:

"Poll: Some 40% say Britain is a country of bad moral behaviour, while 66 per cent say British parents allow their children too much freedom. A total of 44 per cent would rather send their children to a state funded Muslim school [1]."

Sidan 591:

"80% of the Muslim children in Bradford, UK attends Quran school after regular school
hours [5]."

Källa, Anders Behring Breiviks manifest från 2011 hämtat från Uriasposten: http://www.uriasposten.net/pics/Breivik2011.pdf

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