Varför bär allt fler slöja på Ögårdsskolan?

När Weekly Standard gjorde återbesök på moskén i Malmö, märkte de att antalet flickor som bar slöja på den muslimska friskolan Ögårdsskolan ökat markant:

"The center has a bustling school of a dozen classrooms. Becirov is an avuncular and open-hearted man, and the hundreds of students at the school dote on him. They run up and hug him, they tell him jokes. The teachers are dedicated, mostly native Swedes, who are teaching the children both Swedish and English. There is also a teacher of Arabic and the Koran. There is a clinic that treats sick kids, circumcises baby boys, and gives psychiatric counseling to war-traumatized children."

"Swedish authorities have failed to lift up the area, and seem to be giving the Islamic Center of Malmö a great deal of leeway in attempting to do so. An article that appeared in 2003 noted that "a few" of the 6-to 10-year-old girls were wearing headscarves. On a visit in January 2005, fully 80 percent were covered in class--only a handful were not."

Källa, Weekly Standard 28 februari 2005:

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