Islamic Center underblåser hat mot judar

Den uppgiften sprids av norska Human Rights Service:

"Last January Svenska Dagbladet ran a series of articles by Lovén about these matters. The series, he writes, appeared to put anti-Jewish hate crimes on the public agenda – for example, a council was set up in Malmö whose purpose was supposedly to resolve interreligious tensions.

Yet of course the problem Malmö faces – the problem Europe faces – is not interreligious tensions. Jews aren’t harassing Muslims. Jewish kids aren’t beating up Muslim kids. This is a one-way street. The problem isn’t “tensions,” but the systematic, out-and-out terrorizing of a relatively small, innocent, and powerless group of people by members of another, fast-growing, and increasingly powerful group who despise them and would like to see them eradicated. (As Lovén indicates, the Islamic Center in Malmö plays a major role in stoking this hate.)"

Källa, Human Righs Service söndag 14 november 2010:

"And so perverse have the politics of the West become that the left in Sweden, not so very unlike the left elsewhere in Europe, has attacked a Jewish journalist who has been documenting anti-Semitic crimes in Malmö and tracing them to an Islamic Center in that city."
Källa, en demokratisk blogg från USA tisdag 16 november 2010:

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