Tvättar radikaliserade muslimska friskolor vita

En inspektionskommitté låter muslimska huvudlärare godkänna varandras muslimska friskolor. Därefter lovprisas dessa muslimska friskolor. Trots att de i själva verket bedriver hatkampanjer mot väst och radikaliserar sina muslimska elever. På Madani Girls' School tvinngas alla elever bära slöja:

"An investigation by The Sunday Telegraph has established that the education watchdog has published positive reports praising Muslim schools for their contribution to community cohesion — even in the case of a school which openly states that Muslims “oppose the lifestyle of the West”.

The Ofsted inspector responsible for many of the reports, Michele Messaoudi, has been accused of having links to radical Islamist organisations."

"The Bridge Schools Inspectorate allows Muslim head teachers to inspect each other’s schools."

Källa, The Telegraph 6 november 2010:
Norsk artikel i Human Rights Service söndag 21 november 2010:

"At least three Muslim faith schools are forcing girls as young as 11 to wear face-covering veils with the blessing of Ofsted inspectors, it emerged yesterday.

One of the schools insists that fees are paid in cash and warns parents against speaking to the local education authority.

All three schools have been approved by education watchdog Ofsted, which inspects private faith schools to ensure they prepare pupils for life in modern Britain and 'promote tolerance and harmony between different cultural traditions'."

Källa, Daily Mail 4 oktober 2010:

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