Polisen kopplar inte moskéskotten till Malmös laserman

"Swedish police say they've arrested a suspect after a series of shootings of immigrants in the city of Malmo.

A 38-year-old Swede with a gun license and no previous criminal record is in custody."

"There is a lot of fear. People are afraid to go out at night, in the morning and even during the day," Bejzat Becirov, head of the Islamic centre that runs Malmo's mosque, said in an interview.

On Dec. 31, a shot was fired into an office inside the Islamic center's building. Becirov said the bullet ricocheted off a flower pot before hitting a desk cabinet.

"Had the flower pot not been there, it would have hit my employee," Becirov said. "He would have gotten it in the back of his head."

Police confirmed the shooting, but not yet any link to the serial gunman."

Källa, Associated Press måndag 8 november 2010:

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