Becirov lämnar hatbrev till polisen

"Leaders of Sweden's estimated 300,000 Muslims were worried about a backlash. The head of an Islamic Center in the southern city of Malmo, Bejzat Becirov, said he received hate mail on Thursday that he is handing over to police.

"The envelope said 'Merry Christmas.' And when I opened it there was a picture of a pig inside," Becirov told AP. It also contained a message about "exterminating" Muslims and profanity that "makes you sick."

On Dec. 31, a shot was fired into an office inside Islamic Center, ricocheting off a flower pot and narrowly missing the people inside, Becirov said. Police have linked that attack to an alleged serial gunman who opened fire randomly at immigrants, killing one person and injuring seven in a yearlong shooting spree.

A 38-year-old Swede was arrested in the case last month."

Källa, AP torsdag 16 december 2010:

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