Studie om Islamic Center översatt till engelska

"The website of the Islamic Centre suggests however that there are 45,000 people of a Muslim background in Malmö and that 20 % of the population in Sweden's three largest cities are of non-Swedish origin [9]."

Källa, islamologbloggen Exploring muslim identities in Europe fredag 10 december 2010:

translated from 'Muslimska föreningar i Malmö och Lund – en ögonblicksbild'

originally published in islamologi.se on December 2nd, 2010 and translated by Spyros A. Sofos

By Erica Li Lundqvist & Leif Stenberg

Läs även del 2 lördag 11 december 2010:

About the blog Exploring muslim identities in Europe:

"This is a space dedicated to the exploration of muslim lives and identities in Europe. It hosts thoughts and debates, articles, notes and fragments of ideas about politics - high and low - and culture - from the mundane to the highbrow and it will seek to combine academic discourse with political and cultural commentary. But, more importantly, we would like this to be a space for dialogue and exchange."


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