Spiritus Mundi visar svenskt statsskick för engelsk press

Den korrupta islamistiska organisationen Spiritus Mundi har lyckats lura i the Guardian att staten måste betala bidrag till icke-statliga organisationer för att mångkulturen ska fungera:

"Is small government best for society?

David Cameron says rolling back big government would allow society to work better. But Sweden offers a different view. Gwladys Fouché reports from Malmö

Youngsters in Sweden take part in a music project run by Spiritus Mundi. The charity promotes social cohesion, but it could not work without state support.

It is a busy afternoon for the 20 or so teenagers gathered at the offices of Spiritus Mundi in Malmö, Sweden. Some are singing in the recording studio while others are writing lyrics. In the spring, they will ­perform their own musical, a play on how children take over their school.

Most of the 16- to 19-year-olds didn't know one another before the project started. They come from different parts of town – some richer, some poorer. The aim is to bring everybody together, in order to increase social cohesion in a city – the third largest in Sweden – where housing segregation is a big issue.

"Our purpose is to promote cultural exchange and understanding," says Susanne Brannebo, Spiritus Mundi's managing director.

Spiritus Mundi is an independent charity but the musical could not have happened without state support, says Brannebo. Funding comes from the Swedish Inheritance Fund – a state-managed programme in which if someone dies without a written will and no living spouse or close family their property is pooled and redistributed to charities.

Britain's Conservative leader, David Cameron, argues that "rolling back the state will serve to roll forward society" and that "a strong society will solve our problems more effectively than big governments has or ever will". But Sweden offers a good example of an alternative view: a society with a strong public sector and a vibrant civil society.

Cameron's statements are puzzling to the people at Spiritus Mundi. "The government should not get out of the way by stopping to give funds," says Henrik Melius, the organisation's founder and chairman. "It should be ready to support NGOs.""

Källa, the Guardian onsdag 3 februari 2010:


"Spiritus Mundi medverkar i en artikel som The Guardian publicerade den 3 februari 2010. Artikeln jämför Englands och Sveriges syn på staten och hur volontärarbete fungerar i de två länderna."

Källa, Spiritus Mundi nyheter februari 2010:


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