BBC intervjuar Becirov om lasermannen

"28 October 2010

Sweden alarmed by series of 'racist' shootings

By Tim Mansel BBC News, Malmo

Bejzat Becirov points to a large hole in the bottom corner of a window at the Islamic Centre, Malmo's largest mosque.

"It was last year," he said, "New Year's Eve, and there were people in there, drinking tea and writing greetings cards.

"Then one of them felt a kind of rush of air, and splinters of glass on the back of his neck. The police later found a bullet embedded in a piece of furniture."

This is not the worst thing that has happened at the mosque. Mr Becirov, its director, also remembers an arson attack that caused severe damage in 2003.

But the shot fired at the mosque late last year is now being re-evaluated.

Could it form part of a wider series of unexplained attacks that the police in Malmo are now hoping the public can help solve?"

Källa, BBC News torsdag 28 oktober 2010:

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