Hemundervisning ökar bland muslimska skolbarn

Welcome to Priscilla Martinez’s home — and her children’s school, where Martinez is teacher, principal and guidance counselor, and where the credo “Allah created everything” is taught alongside math, grammar and science.

Martinez and her six children, ages 2 to 12, are part of a growing number of Muslims who home-school. In the Washington area, Martinez says, she has seen the number of home-schoolers explode in the past five years."

"Parents say it is an attractive alternative to public schools, with whose traditions and values they are not always comfortable, and Islamic schools, which might be too far away, cost too much or lack academic rigor."

"Now, in addition to the standard subjects, their children, ages 15, 14 and 9, study the Koran for a half an hour a day, one-on-one, with a woman who teaches them online from Pakistan."

“You spend any number of hours at school, you’re tired, your brain is full and you don’t want to spend hours with Islamic studies. But now it’s part of their curriculum; we made it part of their time.”

"The family did not consider Islamic schools, Zakia Khan said, because “they learn more at home than they learn at school.”

Källa, Sailan Muslim tisdag 9 mars 2010:

Exempel på hemsidor för muslimsk hemundervisning:

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